Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestras

Placement Confirmation

Thank you for confirming your GBYO placement!

Fees are due on or before the first day of rehearsals. We prefer payment in full by check or cash in an envelope marked with the student’s name.

Credit card payments will also be taken on the first day of rehearsals from 8:30-12. You may also pay online at via PayPal before the first day. However, we prefer payments by cash or check. Credit card companies and PayPal charge GBYO 3% processing fees for every transaction. We would appreciate it if you would consider adding 3% to any credit card or Paypal payments to cover these costs.

If you choose the installment plan, payments are due on the first day, Sept. 7; Oct. 5; and Nov. 2. Only checks are accepted for the payment plan. Full snack and retreat fees, as well as one-third of ensemble fees, are included in the first installment. Second and third installments are therefore less than the first installment; however, a $5 processing fee is added to both the second and third installments. Fees must be paid in full by Nov. 2, 2019.

Financial assistance applications should be submitted on the first day at rehearsals with a $25 processing fee and a copy of your most recent income tax return.

Genualdi Scholarship applications should be submitted on or before Sept. 21.

All musicians are invited for fun in the trees at the Adventure Park to kick off the season! For Principal, Bravura and Symphony Orchestras, Adventures will take place after a day of rehearsing offsite. Principal & Bravura retreat is September 14, 2019. Symphony retreat is October 5, 2019.

Concert, Wind and String Orchestra musicians will meet at the Adventure Park on Sept 21 at 5 PM for their own fun in the trees, s’mores, and bonding with old and new friends.

Please take a moment now to submit your waiver for the Adventure Park. All musicians must have submitted waivers in order to participate; they are very strict about that! It only takes a minute and there is no fee. Please be sure to click on the correct waiver for your group. Different family members must each submit their own waiver for their own dates.

PRINCIPAL & BRAVURA MUSICIANS: Click here to sign and submit your waiver for the Adventure Park on Sept. 14.

SYMPHONY MUSICIANS: Click here to sign and submit your waiver for the Adventure Park on Oct. 5.

CONCERT/STRING/WIND MUSICIANS: Click here to sign and submit your waiver for the Adventure Park on Sept. 21.

Click for the waiver in Spanish. You must submit a waiver in order to participate.

Check your email on Thursday for more important First Day information.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!